Shipping promotion/New line

Good morning

I just wanted to write to inform everyone that from now tim January 17th we will be having a promotion for $5 shipping on every order that is $20 and up.

I know shipping costs turn me away a lot so figured I would help some people out in trying our liquids 😉

On another note we have a new line of menthol flavours on the horizon, down below is the flavour profiles!

Menthol Line

Polar Rain

Pineapple-watermelon menthol

Arctic Noise

Mixed berry menthol

Glacial Freeze

Lemon-lime menthol


Pre order

Hello fellow vapers!

Just wanted to inform everyone that our new line of menthol based liquids is now available for pre-order.

If you wanted to get in on our preorder sale, the salts will be priced 7.99 for sub-ohm and 9.99 for high nic salts!

head on over to http://www.saltwaterfog.com to check out these amazing flavours!

the profiles are as follows:

Arctic Noise

A bangin’ blend of berries— blueberry, strawberry and açai mixed together with a touch of menthol to create a berry good blend!

Polar Winds

Watermelon, pineapple and a few other fruits mixed together to create a cool and fruity blend!

Glacier Freeze

A lemon-lime concoction beautifully blended from a batch of super flavourful and sweet citrus, comparable to a lemon-lime slushie, this flavour is made for the candy and fruit lover all the same.

Use the code “Vapedeals10”

For an extra 10% off your purchase.

We are hoping to have orders shipped by February 2nd


Hey everyone in light of our new line being released soon I have decided to have a huge sale to get ready for our new flavours and new pricing structure as well as introducing 60ML bottles to replace our 30MLs.

“40PERCENT” will take 40% off at checkout!

This is the biggest sale we have had so far, and I want to thank everyone for how generous and amazing you all have been.

60mL options added, and free shipping over 74.99

Hey everyone just wanted to give you an update and let you all know that we have added 60mL(2x30ml) options on our site with sub ohm salts being discounted to 15.99 per 60mls and high nicotine salts being discounted to 18.99 for 60mls.

We have also lowered our flat rate shipping costs to be more competitive at $12 and $18 for our expedited and Xpress options.

As well as added a free shipping option over 74.99!

Thank you for being patient with us during our transitioning period of opening and adjusting things. Everything is subject to change as we find out more about the market and our customers!

Saltwater Fog

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Hey everyone,

I just wanted to inform all of our potential customers that we have now added the option for sub ohm salts. I know that a lot of you don’t use the PODs so figured this would be the best option to diversify our product a bit.

Our coupon code for 20% off preorders will end tomorrow and then we will be open for regular pricing until our first real sale!